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Our hobby farm is located in the prairies of Alberta , Canada. We are about 60 minutes north-west of Edmonton and enjoy living in the middle of nature on our "little funny farm".
We are now concentrating on mostly dairy type goats. Our goal is a healthy, nice looking goat with good milk production. So we are just in the middle of adding a few purebred, registered Alpine goats to the flock. But also have some Canadian Saanens and some dairy cross does. We now own a registered Alpine buck for our next generation of goat babies. Most of our does come from a clean, known herd and have tested CAE free. However, we don`t believe in pulling babies of their mothers, a natural raised kid is still the healthiest in our opinion.
We are getting some very nice offspring now and enjoy raising these pretty and healthy goat babies!
Also we have done some basic cheeses and like the homemade taste which is sure different than what is available in stores. And we have just started with making goats milk soap and if you are interested, check our sale site for updates, or even contact us for trial sized soap!
Now to the horses...
We always loved Miniature Horses and we bred them already in Germany. Now we are starting over with a new breeding program. The Miniature Horse is a joy for the whole family, not just a show horse for halter and driving classes, but also a true friend that fills the heart with joy for young and old.
And last but certainly not least our dogs...
Lots of our time is spend with our dogs. They help us with the chores and live with us as family members. We are showing our Pomeranians and our female Bernese Mountain Dog, that is here for the protection of us. Two Great Pyreneese now, for the protection of the goats and the Australian Kelpie for the herding work. Also RallyO and now Canine Freestyle are something we enjoy. And of course just cuddle time and going for walks. They truly are "man`s best friend".
One of our goals for the future is to be able to grow as much as  possible of our own food and do it in a humane way that respects the environment around us.
Enjoy your visit and please sign our guestbook!

For more info on Pomeranians and Bernese Mountian Dogs click this link...
or click on the picture below!

Bernese Mountain Dog and bottle babies

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